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What is a food flavor and its main components
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From a variety of food flavors and additions tune licensed together made for the food flavoring food additives. Addenda include carriers, solvents, additives. Carriers are sucrose, dextrin, gum arabic and the like. Food flavor perfumer creation mainly to imitate natural fruits, incense and food flavor, aroma and taste focus on simulation of.
Consumption of spices in flavors for a very small proportion, but the need for a certain degree of safety, health assessment, before being used in line with the relevant health regulations. Many varieties of food flavors, divided by solid and liquid dosage forms. Solid perfume microcapsules flavorings. Liquid flavors can be divided into water-soluble flavors, oil soluble flavors and emulsified flavor three categories. In addition, in accordance with flavor and use classification.
Microcapsules spices and flavors is wrapped agent (such as modified starch, etc.) through emulsification, spray drying, to prevent oxidation and volatilization characteristics, mainly for solid drinks, seasonings and other flavoring. Water-soluble flavors such as distilled water or ethanol is used as diluent blending spices and eaten, mainly for soft drinks and other flavored. Oil-soluble flavor is propylene glycol and other income and consumption of spices tune together, mainly used for candy, cookies and other flavoring. Emulsified flavor oil phase and the emulsifier, coloring agents, preservatives, thickeners, acidulants, and distilled water and other components of the water from flavorants, edible oil, specific gravity adjusting agents, antioxidants, preservatives and other components of the phase, by emulsification, high-pressure homogenization is made mainly for products such as soft drinks and flavored drinks, flavoring, coloring or make it cloudy.
Spice is the basis for the development of edible food flavor, which tend to focus on the development of natural spices and (or) imitation with natural spices. In recent years, a large number of domestic and successively synthesize new flavorant nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen-containing heterocycles, such as pyrazine, thiophene and furan-based compounds, and further formulated into different flavors, for a variety of convenience foods, artificial food such as artificial beef, pork, chicken and seafood and other foods, and promote the development of the food industry.

Food flavor is referring to natural food flavor, using natural and nature-identical flavors, synthetic fragrances through careful blend with the natural flavor of the various flavors and flavor. Including water quality and oleaginous fruits, milk, poultry, meat, vegetables, nuts, candied fruit, emulsification and alcohol and other flavors for beverages, biscuits, pastries, frozen foods, candy, seasoning feed, dairy products, canned food, wine and other foods. Food flavor liquid dosage forms, powders, microcapsules, slurry and the like.

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