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Food Additives Flavors buy common sense
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¡¡ Food companies in the selection of food additives used in food production, should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, such as "food additives health standards", "food additive production license change (issued) permits the implementation details" and "edible spice fragrance products production license implementation details "and so on, the choice of the provisions of laws and regulations permit the use of food additives. When the use of food additives, should strictly comply with the relevant provisions of the standard range of the added amount added. In addition, the State may not prohibit the use of illegal additives, such as formaldehyde, Formaldehyde, poppy, Sudan, paraffin.
When consumers buy food additives such as food flavors, food coloring, etc., should be purchased at the regular place of business and regular food flavor manufacturers. Appearance and sensory identification of frequently purchased product knowledge have a basic understanding.

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