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P689 plain yogurt and yogurt ice cream flavors and recipes reference
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P689 plain yogurt and yogurt ice cream flavors and recipes reference

Flavor Description: The flavors of yogurt fermented with typical mellow aroma, and rich cool sweet fragrant long, can be used with incense

There are fine; combine strawberry flavor, green apple flavor, orange flavor, melon flavors, pineapple flavors, such as aroma.

Application features: This fragrance is a colorless to pale yellow liquid water oil dual flavors for beverages, ice cream and so on.

Dosage: 0.05-0.1%

Recipe Examples: yogurt ice cream

100 pounds of white sugar

80 kg of glucose syrup

9 pounds of skim milk powder

20 pounds of whey powder

Emulsion stabilizer 4 pounds

80 pounds of coconut oil

Ilizers 4.0 pounds

P689 1.0 pounds of yogurt flavor

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