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The second session of Shanghai international exhibition of infant and young child nutrition food and supplies
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Upon the approval of the Shanghai business committee, with support from the Chinese nutrition association and China nutrition union. By the Shanghai dairy industry association and Shanghai Gordon commercial exhibition co., LTD. Jointly organized the 2013 Shanghai international exhibition of infant and young child nutrition food and supplies on May 10, 2013-12, held in Shanghai international exhibition center.

The infant child food and supplies industry is a sunrise industry in the 21st century, is also one of the powerhouse of China's GDP growth. Baby food and supplies and future development potential is the largest and one of the industry profitability. Every year of the newborn population gradually increased. Since 2012 in the next few years, China will usher in a new round of the baby boomer, detonated a new round of "gold rush" baby supplies market. The Chinese people's consumption focus is focused on children, leading the consumption upgrading. At present, our country has become a big consumer after the United States of maternal and infant children's products. Even under the environment of the financial crisis, "parenting spending" has been ranked at the top of the family consumption, infant industry is still in its huge consumer demand and market potential, and holds more than 20% ?

For better to infant foods and products both at home and abroad enterprises set up a propaganda, display and cooperation platform, and a good marketing way. Gordon commercial dairy industry association and Shanghai will be on May 10, 2013-12 in Shanghai international exhibition center held the "2013 Shanghai international exhibition infant and young child nutrition food and supplies. The exhibition will be the infant foods and products industry at home and abroad procurement event not to be missed, mainly is to help foreign infant food enterprises to enter the Chinese market to provide the green channel and the cooperation platform. Also help Chinese suppliers to provide an opportunity to expand the international market and Shanghai market and dock with the international infant food and supplies a simultaneous and purchasing.

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