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Cell Engineering in flavors and fragrances
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Cell engineering including cell fusion techniques, animal cell engineering and cell engineering of plants and so on. Plant Cell Engineering mainly refers to the plant cell culture (also known as plant tissue culture), the basic theory is based on the theoretical cell theory and cells have the potential "totipotent" in. Plant cell culture has been more than 80 years of history, the use of plant cell culture fermentation has broad application prospects.

Vanilla is the world's most widely used spice. When using plant cell culture technology to produce vanillin, by adding some plant hormones in the medium, such as 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic, 2,4-D), Kaji adenine Yin (benzyladenineBA) and Cai acetic acid (naphthaleneaceticacid, NAA), etc., greatly increased incidence of callus and callus formed subculture grow better.
Cells were cultured in Vanilla, Vanilla will train the young stem 40d, which form on the MS + BA1pL + 5p medium and form a white, massive callus. Callus after MS + 2,4-D1pg / mL + BA1pg / mL + NAA4pg / mL + 2.5% on a semi-solid medium sucrose rapid proliferation of training, training four weeks training quality material increase by about seven times; at the same suspension culture medium, and incubated for 4 weeks after the training quality material increase 6-8 times.
Nitrogen, carbon and adsorbent Vanilla cell suspension cultures influence vanillin, the results showed that sucrose is more suitable for Vanilla cell growth and produce vanillin carbon source than glucose and fructose, sucrose best concentration of 5%; when the medium contains only KN03, then favor the formation of cell growth and vanillin; broth to remove KN03, while containing only NHQN03, cell growth and the formation of vanillin were inhibited; medium After adding the adsorbent, vanillin content Vanilla cells increased significantly, activated carbon is better than XAD-2, and increased the amount of activated carbon, vanillin production also increased. Also studied the medium composition on cell suspension cultures of Vanilla impact vanillin. It was found that cells in MS Vanilla whole medium consisting of vanillin were lower than the mineral salts medium content.
Also, when using plant cell culture technology to produce vanillin and its family of compounds, can be affected by many factors. Explants, using media types, the type and quantity of the medium added precursor substances, the incubation period of the temperature and the temperature of the light will have a significant impact on the composition and production of metabolites.

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