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Flavors of economic valuation methods
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In fact, the production of flavor factories also have difficulties - they perfumers painstakingly spent much effort to create a distinctive flavor, but also with the number of manpower and resources to do more long "flavored experiment" only "cream of the crop" option out of a good flavor, but you want to recommend to you I do not know how to explain this flavor was good.

Flavor Factory suppliers - spice factory there with the same flavor factory distress: they want to sell their perfume factory finally developed a new fragrance, is always feeble rhetoric: "This is pure aroma of spices, to xxxx standard" and would not cause Flavor Factory's attention, perfumer, after receiving the sample will not necessarily try it, maybe put it immediately forgotten.

Since ancient times, perfumers basically rely on the experience of work, "math" as if the perfumer missed - a flavor after a good tune, calculate the percentage of cases in which each share of spice, just use the Math Four operations, mathematical knowledge learned in elementary school had enough - it is no different with the other arts, will not stave, people can not understand 1234567 touching song children sing, but also to play the wonderful song, But if you learn to read music, understand music theory for some more will certainly sing better, playing more beautiful. Similarly, master perfumer spice flavors "ternary" theory is for every perfumer work more confidence, more satisfactory tune also make their own flavor to the satisfaction.

Things in the world, as long as a commodity, we always give it some data, describe its size, quality, performance and so on, but only "sweet" - including the spices and flavors of the most daunting, elusive, it can only be used for a long time extremely vague terms to describe them: aroma "relatively" good aroma intensity "relatively" big mouth "compare" lasting, and so on. People struggling to speak, people listen to difficult, but finally did not get any specific content.

Really no way to it?

Other people using the same "feel" as the term in the sense of smell, the threshold - the lowest concentration sniff - is the first spice aroma word for strength evaluation, although each person for each of the spices do not feel the same, resulting in a perfume has several different experimental data, but the statistical point of view, it is very meaningful. A spice threshold is, the more its aroma strength. Countdown threshold is generally believed that the spice "aroma intensity values," the.

Things are not so simple!

As we all know, the aroma intensity than vanillin, ethyl vanillin is about three times stronger, but in some of the information in ethyl vanillin threshold than vanillin high! A bit Damascone threshold in water is 0.002ppb, ethyl bit Damascone threshold in water is 1.5-100ppb, aroma intensity difference between the two can never be more than 750 times! methyl salicylate in water threshold value is 40, caryophyllene in water threshold value is 64, and the two The odor intensity is generally believed that a difference of more than 10 times! These examples illustrate aroma strength to a threshold does not exist some mathematical relationships.

Quality spices are the basis of the perfumer, is a prerequisite for the production of cheap flavor. Generally stronger value than incense, fragrant value, the value of incense, comprehensive evaluation scores to determine the quality of spices.

Hong stronger than value

If we take a common monomer intensity aroma of spices artificially determine a value, other monomers spices are "used" with its relatively (aroma intensity), you can get a variety of spices aroma intensity values ​​monomer relative. We (in 1995) proposed that phenethyl alcohol at 10, a group of data other monomers spices are compared with it, is called "fragrant than the strong value", which is the spice flavors "ternary" first " value. "

Fragrant than the application of strong values ​​is very wide, for incense manufacturers, the most important thing is that you can intuitively know purchasing or preparing to buy the perfume "aroma intensity," how much, because the "aroma intensity" in relation to flavor The amount, which directly affect the cost of preparation. Such as the preparation of a shampoo, originally in a jasmine flavor, aroma than the strength values ​​are 100, added in an amount of 0.5%, and now want to switch to another flavor, aroma than the strength values ​​are 125, apparently just add 0.4% on the line .

As we all know, flavored purpose is: smelly cover (cover up the smell), scenting. Not flavored semi-finished products, raw materials, many of which are odorous, should these "smell" to conceal, the aroma intensity of course be larger. If they can get these raw materials fragrant than strong values ​​estimated by calculating the number of flavors to be able to at least have to use "cover" is maintained. Generally rely on their own experiments to get these data, the easiest method is to use a known fragrant flavor than the value added is not strong flavored semi-finished products in order to obtain a minimum number of flavors "cover" live "smell", indirectly obtained This semi-finished products, "fragrant than strong values," how many other flavors and is very easy to use can be counted out.

One of the most obvious example is the kerosene (currently the most used aerosol insecticide solvent) flavored, without "sweetening" kerosene "sweet stronger than the value" of up to 100, you want to cover it with a small amount of flavor smell nearly impossible. Kerosene by physical or chemical methods "deodorized" to a certain extent, a fragrant flavor than the strong value added almost 400 no kerosene smell "odor" is 0.5%, you can figure this out, "deodorized kerosene," the "fragrant than strong value" equal to or less than 2.

Fragrance value

A spice or flavor fragrant long soon is a perfumer and issues of particular interest to manufacturers of incense. Swap perfumer, the deployment of a flavor to be used in each "head incense", "body fragrance," "radical sweet" spices three categories, that is fragrant long and fragrant spices to be used in the near and the amount to be science, with a flavor and aroma make evenly distributed, balance and harmony. Of time after incense manufacturers, hope to add their own flavor to purchase products can withstand warehouse storage, transportation, sale and other long counter "test" to the user's hand is still pleasant aroma, (such as shampoo, bath gel, soap, washing powder) even after use also requires a certain aroma remaining in the body or an object.

Park it (poucher) published 330 kinds of spices "volatile timetable" in 1954, less than a day to smell the aroma of the spices no factor at 11 days and 100 days after the coefficient was not sniffing set at 100, other spices "factor" is the number of days it's fragrant. We expanded this experiment, removing the current unusual spices, fixes some data, increasing the now commonly used spices, total 1032 kinds, the Park has the "smell factor" (that is, the number of days your mouth) called "stay Hong value "," common spices three values ​​form "which one is the variety of fragrant spices value data. These data can be calculated according to the fragrant flavors value calculation methods and the "strong fragrant than the value" of the same algorithm.

Fragrant spices and flavors of calculating the value of the value of your mouth is very wide use. Perfumer perfumer in when you can use a variety of fragrant spices to bring up the value of the predicted value is calculated fragrant flavor, subtraction, if necessary, the larger the value of some fragrant spices fragrant flavor makes time to bring up a wish within the range. Incense manufacturers in the purchase of flavor, fragrance plant 先向 asked to calculate the value of the fragrant flavor flavored meets their requirements are necessary. When the "second perfumer," calculate the value of your mouth is a very important content - I hope your mouth a little better, then, to calculate the value of large fragrant flavor with some more it wants. Draws attention to the need: to calculate the value of much of the flavor fragrant aroma often sluggish, not through the hair, especially in some of the low-grade flavor even more.

Incense value

Spice was originally indifferent "taste", for example, indole, right, like the stench of manure directly sniffing the same, diluted to a concentration of 1% or less of the same Shique jasmine aroma! Sniffing when in fact most of the spices directly aroma is not good, after dilution is not necessarily better. The aroma of spices is to play in the deployment of a fragrance when it is the role of, improper use can not only play a role, sometimes it will undermine the overall aroma! So If you give each one a spice "taste value", then only on a examine its "performance" within the scope of the aroma, such as benzyl acetate are generally used for the deployment of jasmine fragrance use, we would not like to see itself as jasmine, much like the word "score" to get some high, do not like the word " Score "give too low a number. "Incense value" concept is created by this idea.

Flavor of "incense value" can be incense value of each spice recipe, the amount calculated by the ratio calculation method with stronger value than the same incense, fragrant value, calculated value incense called "Calculating the value of incense" It is with the "actual value incense" (Flavor let everyone evaluation scoring, averaging) is certainly not the same. Deployment of a flavor, if its value is less than the calculated actual incense incense values, it can be considered a failure perfumer; incense actual value exceeds the calculated value, the more incense, perfumer more successful. Because the so-called "perfumer" is "greatly enhance the value of incense spices."

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