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Flavours and probably breed specific classification
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  There are many aspects of food flavors, fruit flavors to develop, for example, the rich nutritional value of fruit juice, many varieties, consumption is also great; and the application of high-quality flavor, juice helps in the development and marketing in order to meet a wide variety. demand for juice production, food flavor company actively develop juice fragrance products, including varieties of peach flavor, orange flavor, blackberry flavor, strawberry flavor, pineapple flavor, apple flavor, lychee flavor, mango flavor, lemon flavor, etc. applications orange flavor widely for decades, are a lot of flavor juices, drinks, jelly, ice cream and other food production by the
Natural flavors with natural plant as raw material, hot pressing, cold pressing, distillation, solvent extraction, etc. made of organic aromatic oils. Ethanol can also be made tinctures or extracts, natural flavors have used star anise, fennel, pepper, ginger, pepper , mint, clove, jasmine, osmanthus, rose, nutmeg, bay leaves, grass and fruit and cinnamon.

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