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Food additive functional classes
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Each additive in food may have one or more functions. In this standard, the specific provisions of each food additive, and a list of the food additive commonly used functions, the list is not exhaustive.
An acidity regulator: to maintain or change the pH of the substance in food.
2 anti-caking agent: to prevent particle agglomeration or aggregation of powdered food to maintain its loose or free flowing material.
3 defoamer: reduce the surface tension in the food processing, the elimination of the foam material.
4 antioxidants: to prevent or retard oxidative decomposition of fat or food composition, deterioration and improve the stability of the food substance.
5 Bleach: the ability to destroy, suppress hair color factors of food, or make it fade from browning food substances.
6 leavening agent: The added during food processing, enabling the product to initiate the formation of dense porous organization, so that products with a bulky, soft or crispy substances.
7 candy gum base material agent: giving candy bubble gum, plasticized, chewy and other effects of substances.
8 colorants: the food given to improve the color and the color of the food substance.
9 color fixative: with meat and meat products in action coloring matter, so that in the food processing, preservation and other processes will not decompose,
Destruction, showing good color substances.
10 Emulsifier: can improve emulsifying the various phases constituting the surface tension between the formation of a uniform dispersion or emulsion material body.
11 Enzymes: direct extraction of edible and non-edible parts of the animal or plant, or by tradition or by genetically modified micro-organisms
(Including but not limited to, bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi) fermentation extract obtained, used in food processing, having special catalytic function of biological products.
12 odorants: food supplement or enhance the original flavor substances.
13 flour treatment agent: to promote maturation and improve product quality material flour.
14 is agent: Apply to the appearance of the food, from the quality, freshness, glazing, to prevent water evaporation and other effects of substances.
15 water retention agent: helps keep moisture in foods and added substances.
16 Nutritional supplements: to enhance the nutritional content of foods and adding natural or synthetic nutrients are natural Fan
Wai substances.
17 Preservatives: prevent food spoilage and extend shelf life of food substances.
18 stabilizer and coagulant: the structural stability of the food or the food structure unchanged, enhanced viscous solid substances.
19 Sweeteners: giving food to sweet substances.
20 thickener: You can increase the viscosity of food or the formation of a gel, thereby changing the physical properties of food, giving food wettability,
Suitable taste, and both emulsification and stability or to the role of a substance in suspension.
21 foods with spices: the ability for the deployment of food flavors, and food flavoring substances.
22 food industry processing aids: Food processing can help to smooth the various substances, has nothing to do with the food itself. Such as filter aid, clarification, adsorption, stripping, bleaching, peeling, extraction solvent.
23 Other: Other functions of the above functional categories not covered.

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